Unadorned Volume 4 - It's Happening Tomorrow!

We are so excited to announce that Detroit Bridal House will be featured in Unadorned Magazine volume 4. Working on this project with some of the very best in the Michigan Wedding business was not only a joy but a sincere honor! If you want to see the finished product, head over to Unadorned Magazine and subscribe to their email list and sign up to receive an electronic copy!

If you'd like a hard copy of the magazine you can find it in a few of our favorite spots around the city that will be announced throughout the week!!

For now, check out this AH-MAY-ZING behind the scenes video!!

Happy Weekend!! Be inspired!

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars.png

Is anyone else seeing stars this week? How cool was this week’s shooting star coming to Earth?

This week’s Inspiration Board is dedicated to our shooting star friend. There are so many great ways to incorporate our shinny into our wardrobes. Check out www.amaroq.design for headwear inspiration and www.chosenbyoneday.com.au for some of the hottest bridal looks in the galaxy. Happy Friday Friends, keep rocking.  

Bert's Entertainment Complex Shoot

Bert’s Entertainment Complex is the home away from home for many Detroit jazz and blues musicians. On any given Friday night you can find some of Detroit’s finest belting it out on the Jazz Room’s stage. Bert’s at Eastern Market is the one of the many passion projects of Bert Dearing. Detroit is a beautiful city with a beautifully complex past and Bert Dearing is a large part of Detroit’s past, present, and future. Bert Dearing grew up Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood. Black Bottom was a neighborhood in Detroit where Black American men and women could own and operate successful businesses before the 1950s. Black Bottom was known for its authentic jazz and blues scene and delicious cuisine. Bert wanted to create an atmosphere that mirrored the excellence and success of that neighborhood and so Bert’s Entertainment Complex was born.


Bert’s is a fantastic venue for a wedding and reception and we wanted to showcase that. Taking on some of the sultry jazz roots we wanted to create a scene that embraced the history of the club, but also allow some new, edgy, geometrical inspiration. This style shoot is heavily textured with shapes, colors, and styles all pointing to musical undertones.


Below are a few of our favorites:



Photographer: Kara Missig | Attire: Detroit Bridal House | Earrings: El Dorado General Store | Floral Design: Blumz by JR | Venue Design: Modernly Events | Stationary: Cordial Punch Press | Hair and Make Up: Alexandra Hicks | Venue: Bert’s Warehouse

Models: Bride: Eboni Sawyer Bridesmaid: Alexandra Hicks Groom: Nathan Rockwell Flower Girl: Addy Horwitz

#FeelGoodFriday Styled Shoot Share

It's another #feelgoodfriday over here at Detroit Bridal House and it has been a crazy week, but I am so excited to share some of my favorites from a styled shoot I did with some of the fly-est wedding creatives in the city!

Mid-February Miranda Crace and Erin Hannum gather some of the coolest ladies to create something amazing and below are some of my faves!

Can't get enough of these awesome women? Find more here: 

Photographer: Erin Hannum Event Design: Spoke Events Floral Design: Studio Terrain Stationary: Cordial Punch Press Cake: Amalia Bakery Detroit Hair: Brittney Ounanian Makeup: Kyle Ann Design Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld Venue: Russell Industrial Center Model: Chelsye Christine
This shoot was also featured on WeddingDay Magazine

#FeelGoodFriday : Let's Talk About Self-Care

You gotta nourish to flourish

We all know how important self-care is, but in our fast-paced world, we rarely practice it. Wedding planning can be fun and exciting, but the reality of it is that it's a lot of work! It is imperative that you take the time to do something for yourself. Here are a few suggestions of activities you can do to relieve a bit of stress.

1. Light a candle and read a book: Find a Eucalyptus or Lavander Soy Candle and a good book. Take an hour or two at the end of the day and just fall into a good story. Allow the candle to relieve any stress and allow the book to take you away.

2. Have a girls night out: There is nothing like laughing and dancing with your best girls. Get dressed up, go out to dinner, and just be present in the moment with girls who make you laugh until your cheeks hurt.

3. Spa Day: Go get mani/pedi at your favorite place or get a massage. Treat yourself to a full day of pampering or just an hour or two.

4. Have a movie night: Who doesn't like a good movie night!? Pick a few movies that make you laugh or make you cry, invite your besties over, pop some popcorn, take a deep breath, and be present in that moment. Laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh, it's movie night!

5. Workout: It doesn't matter what you do to get that heart rate going, just do it (thank you, Nike, for the slogan). Run, practice yoga, go to a spin class, go to a kickboxing class, whatever makes you feel strong, do that, sweat a bit or a lot.

Share your favorite self-care routine us!!

Happy Feel Good Friday Friends!!