Little Darling, Here Comes the Sun

It’s Friday yet again! Can you even believe how fast the week has gone!? This Friday I want to share with you guys the origin story of Detroit Bridal House.I know a lot of you have been following all along but I also know there are people that are new to the party, welcome. Detroit Bridal House has always been my dream, I just had no idea it would come come true so soon. Do you guys remember in the remake of The Parent Trap when Natasha Richardson’s character is in bed speaking French and then she and Lindsay Lohan go to a bridal photo shoot for her new collection? I will never forget that scene, I think from the moment I saw that I wanted that life. I’m still working on the speaking French part. At that time I also wished I had A British twin, I was all in.

Growing up, I would draw wedding gowns and pick out wedding magazines. In college my friends and I would talk about grand opening parties and champagne, because, duh it’s champagne. In early 2015 when I started this process I had no idea what I was doing and somepeople probably think I still don’t, but it’s been such a learning experience, from going to bride’s homes and setting up shop in their houses, to finding a storefront and then losing a storefront (repeat that process like 50 times). Detroit Bridal House continues to live out the mission to represent Detroit, the very beautiful and sometimes achy breakup heart of Detroit.

A big question a get is how did I choose designers to carry and the answer is so far it’s been a two way street. These designers also picked me. It has been such an awesome experience getting to know the men and women behind the designs. The wedding industry can sometimes put up this fairytale front, because we’re literally selling happiness and little fairy dust, but there are also real humans behind each choice that a couple makes and I just love the fact that I can have full confidence in the humans behind the gowns I sell. Each of them is brilliant and creative while also humble and kind. In each appointment I want to be sure to represent them well and it’s just and honor.

So basically the the story of DBH is ever evolving but the heart will stay the same. It is my honor to love on the families and friends and brides of Detroit Bridal House.

Thank you for allowing this little girl to live her dream ❤️