Love Takes Practice ❤️

Happy Friday Friends!! It’s such a beautiful day here in New York City, I’m just visiting for Bridal Fashion Week. I LOVE this city, definitely my second favorite city in the country, falling second only to my beloved Detroit.

Anyway, it’s so funny, I knew I would be writing this blog today, but when I originally thought it out I had something else planned, but it falls in line pretty well with my currently mental state so if you don’t mind I’d like to bring it all together. It’s kinda like life, you have one thing planned and then ten other things pop up. So, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to talk a little bit about love.

Speaking as Detroit’s self proclaimed resident fairy god mother, love takes practice. All the love takes all the practice. Self love, loving your neighbor in the general human sense, loving your actual neighbor, loving your family, and of course loving your significant other. All the people, all the love, ALL THE PRACTICE. Social media, movies, and tv make love look easy, even when people are trying to be “real” there’s still and element of ease and comfort presented that’s just not real life.

Can I just be real for a sec? I struggle major with loving and being kind to myself. I often question my decisions- are these shoes cool? Is what I’m saying making sense? Am I making the right career decisions or like decisions in general? Sure, I love what I’m doing, but like does everyone else?  I don’t know about you, but when I question myself then I start questioning others, right? Because misery loves company. The truth is, if I love it and have confidence in it so will others and when I’m practice confidence in myself I can encourage others to be true to themselves. 

Think about how different the world would be if we practiced self love and practiced actively loving and caring for each other. If we loved, like really loved we could be more patient with ourselves and with others. We could stop comparing our story to the stories of our friends or people we don’t know but follow on social media. If we practiced love, is it feasible that we could live in each moment and enjoy each other and uplift each other?

I realize that this post is a bit rambly (yep, made that word up) and quite possibly hard to understand, but the moral of the story is take one second and remind yourself that the most important thing is to love your self and love those around you. Love in the imperfections and frustrations of your day, love in the victories and joys of your day.

Would you join me in slowing down to love? Taking time to remind ourselves about what is important. Reminding ourselves that how we treat ourselves and how we treat others is important.