Olivia Wenzel Photography

One of the best things about working in Detroit is the people you meet and the way you meet them. This city is full of wonderful people who are genuine and want to collaborate and lift others up. Olivia Wenzel is one of these people. Olivia reached out to me early in the process of starting Detroit Bridal House and I am so glad she did. Olivia’s work is authentic yet familiar in the way that it makes you feel like home.


Olivia started a few years ago just doing portraits and that opened doors that lead her to newborn and wedding photography, which is what she really loves.


One thing Olivia prides herself on is being herself and her work reflects that. She has worked on all types of projects and she looks forward to being creative and trying new things. Olivia’s favorite project was her dog’s birthday, she reflected back on it saying, “I have a friend who started her own florist company (Detroit Design Co.) and had her make a beautiful floral collar with deep reds.” Olivia not only specialize in weddings and newborn photography, if you have a photography need and it seems a little out of the box, that is even better!


Olivia is looking forward to more growth and focusing on new projects and doing what she truly loves. Her advice to her younger self would be to “slow down, and stop thinking about what everyone else wants and expects you to do and who you should be. Listen and be honest with myself and those around me.”


Email is the best way to get ahold of Olivia (oliviajwenzel@gmail.com). You can also find her on Instagram.