Designs by Simone

When coming up with our Vendor Diaries Project the first vendor that came to mind was Designs by Simone. Simone Smith runs one of the most stellar operations in the Metro Detroit Area, with a natural gift of coordination, an eye for flare, and a heart of gold. Designs by Simone is no doubt one of a kind.


Simone Smith began working on design projects for her family and friends in the early 2000s as a hobby while working every day as a Dental Hygienist. In the beginning she was doing wedding invitations and programs, event flyers and invitations, and obituaries and then business grew.


“My mission is to design your imagination- whatever you want, whatever your vision, I can bring it to life. Everything is custom made, unique not only to your vision, but also your budget.”


Simone can design anything for you from your bridesmaids proposal to your bachelorette t-shirts or your invitations to your place cards.


“I pride myself on being able to make unique things that you cannot buy from a store, because I use a special die cutter. The things I make are unique, but I also package things in a way that is special and specific to the customer.”


When asked how she keeps up with trends, Simone said that social media is key, but also listening to her customers and what they want. “They give me ideas of what they want and I take that and run with it to create something special.”


In the future Simone sees Designs by Simone becoming more innovative and accessible. The long-term plan is to work with other vendors to create the perfect day for brides not only in the Metro Detroit Area, but also in the country. She strives to make business easy and fun for her customers, by having flexible meeting times and hours and having impeccable turnaround time.


Simone says she would tell her younger self to strive for your passions in life. Find what you are good at and what you love and make it work for you every. Simone says “Designs by Simone is my passion, my day job as a Dental Hygienist was wonderful and I am thankful for that time and it had a similar creative vibe at times, but this is less stressful and the rewards are so great. I love to see people happy and excited about what I’ve created for them.”


When Simone is not designing products she spends time with her family and works with volunteering for various nonprofit organizations to raise money for causes close to her heart. Simone strives to make every day great and make everyone’s world a little brighter.


If you would like to work with Simone you can find her on Facebook or Instagram at Designs by Simone or on her website




My mission is to design your imagination- whatever your vision, I can bring it to life. Everything is custom made, unique not only to your vision, but also to your budget.
— Simone Smith