Love Takes Practice ❤️

Happy Friday Friends!! It’s such a beautiful day here in New York City, I’m just visiting for Bridal Fashion Week. I LOVE this city, definitely my second favorite city in the country, falling second only to my beloved Detroit.

Anyway, it’s so funny, I knew I would be writing this blog today, but when I originally thought it out I had something else planned, but it falls in line pretty well with my currently mental state so if you don’t mind I’d like to bring it all together. It’s kinda like life, you have one thing planned and then ten other things pop up. So, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to talk a little bit about love.

Speaking as Detroit’s self proclaimed resident fairy god mother, love takes practice. All the love takes all the practice. Self love, loving your neighbor in the general human sense, loving your actual neighbor, loving your family, and of course loving your significant other. All the people, all the love, ALL THE PRACTICE. Social media, movies, and tv make love look easy, even when people are trying to be “real” there’s still and element of ease and comfort presented that’s just not real life.

Can I just be real for a sec? I struggle major with loving and being kind to myself. I often question my decisions- are these shoes cool? Is what I’m saying making sense? Am I making the right career decisions or like decisions in general? Sure, I love what I’m doing, but like does everyone else?  I don’t know about you, but when I question myself then I start questioning others, right? Because misery loves company. The truth is, if I love it and have confidence in it so will others and when I’m practice confidence in myself I can encourage others to be true to themselves. 

Think about how different the world would be if we practiced self love and practiced actively loving and caring for each other. If we loved, like really loved we could be more patient with ourselves and with others. We could stop comparing our story to the stories of our friends or people we don’t know but follow on social media. If we practiced love, is it feasible that we could live in each moment and enjoy each other and uplift each other?

I realize that this post is a bit rambly (yep, made that word up) and quite possibly hard to understand, but the moral of the story is take one second and remind yourself that the most important thing is to love your self and love those around you. Love in the imperfections and frustrations of your day, love in the victories and joys of your day.

Would you join me in slowing down to love? Taking time to remind ourselves about what is important. Reminding ourselves that how we treat ourselves and how we treat others is important.



Little Darling, Here Comes the Sun

It’s Friday yet again! Can you even believe how fast the week has gone!? This Friday I want to share with you guys the origin story of Detroit Bridal House.I know a lot of you have been following all along but I also know there are people that are new to the party, welcome. Detroit Bridal House has always been my dream, I just had no idea it would come come true so soon. Do you guys remember in the remake of The Parent Trap when Natasha Richardson’s character is in bed speaking French and then she and Lindsay Lohan go to a bridal photo shoot for her new collection? I will never forget that scene, I think from the moment I saw that I wanted that life. I’m still working on the speaking French part. At that time I also wished I had A British twin, I was all in.

Growing up, I would draw wedding gowns and pick out wedding magazines. In college my friends and I would talk about grand opening parties and champagne, because, duh it’s champagne. In early 2015 when I started this process I had no idea what I was doing and somepeople probably think I still don’t, but it’s been such a learning experience, from going to bride’s homes and setting up shop in their houses, to finding a storefront and then losing a storefront (repeat that process like 50 times). Detroit Bridal House continues to live out the mission to represent Detroit, the very beautiful and sometimes achy breakup heart of Detroit.

A big question a get is how did I choose designers to carry and the answer is so far it’s been a two way street. These designers also picked me. It has been such an awesome experience getting to know the men and women behind the designs. The wedding industry can sometimes put up this fairytale front, because we’re literally selling happiness and little fairy dust, but there are also real humans behind each choice that a couple makes and I just love the fact that I can have full confidence in the humans behind the gowns I sell. Each of them is brilliant and creative while also humble and kind. In each appointment I want to be sure to represent them well and it’s just and honor.

So basically the the story of DBH is ever evolving but the heart will stay the same. It is my honor to love on the families and friends and brides of Detroit Bridal House.

Thank you for allowing this little girl to live her dream ❤️



It’s Been a Long Time, I Shouldn’t Have Left You

Hi!! I’m Kristin! I own and operate Detroit Bridal House (as you probably already know if you are reading this). So, I’ve been away from blogging for a minute, but I want to share a little of my heart and life with you over the next few weeks or even months. I’d like to let you in the “inner circle” of DBH, which consists of me and well... my prayers, blood, sweat, and tears. I want you all to know where this dream began, get to know who has come a long side me on the journey, and where I hope to see it go. Let’s do life together. Wanna?

So, every Friday I would like to share a little with you and it may come in the form of my story or the story of another vendor who has been woven in the DBH tapestry or quite possibly a bride who is draggin’ em.

I hope you will follow along or pop in and as you please!

Planning and design:  @spokeevents   Photography:  @northernnativephotography   Florals:  @studioterrain   Invitations and paper goods:  @invitationsbycaitlin   Linens:  @rosemarinetextiles   Cake:  @amaliabakerydetroit   Makeup:  @emily.morss   Dress:  @detroitbridalhouse   Models:  @nerdia.nadia  @cjstewar   Venue:  @quonsethaus

Unadorned Volume 4 - It's Happening Tomorrow!

We are so excited to announce that Detroit Bridal House will be featured in Unadorned Magazine volume 4. Working on this project with some of the very best in the Michigan Wedding business was not only a joy but a sincere honor! If you want to see the finished product, head over to Unadorned Magazine and subscribe to their email list and sign up to receive an electronic copy!

If you'd like a hard copy of the magazine you can find it in a few of our favorite spots around the city that will be announced throughout the week!!

For now, check out this AH-MAY-ZING behind the scenes video!!

Happy Weekend!! Be inspired!

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars.png

Is anyone else seeing stars this week? How cool was this week’s shooting star coming to Earth?

This week’s Inspiration Board is dedicated to our shooting star friend. There are so many great ways to incorporate our shinny into our wardrobes. Check out for headwear inspiration and for some of the hottest bridal looks in the galaxy. Happy Friday Friends, keep rocking.  

Black is Definitely the New Black

Black is the New Black.png

This year Pantone named Ultra Violet the color of the year explaining that Ultra Violet signifies “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points to the future.” Ultra Violet is a fantastic color and we will surely see a lot of it this year, but is anyone else feeling like Black could possibly be the color of this year after watching the 2018 Golden Globes on Sunday night? Of course, we love black for all the obvious reasons like it has the amazing ability to make you look chic and trendy, and at the same time classy and dauntless, but I think this year Black has a whole new ring to it, unity. Each and every woman looked completely unique and beautiful in their black attire on Sunday, from Issa Rae’s shimmery black gown and cape to Christina Hendricks’ sultry pants suit. Every woman stunned on that carpet and the best part is that they did it together. This year black will signify unity, courage, hardcore woman power, friendship, and mad love. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m thinking Black is the new Black. Time’s Up and the winds of change are blowing.  

Bert's Entertainment Complex Shoot

Bert’s Entertainment Complex is the home away from home for many Detroit jazz and blues musicians. On any given Friday night you can find some of Detroit’s finest belting it out on the Jazz Room’s stage. Bert’s at Eastern Market is the one of the many passion projects of Bert Dearing. Detroit is a beautiful city with a beautifully complex past and Bert Dearing is a large part of Detroit’s past, present, and future. Bert Dearing grew up Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood. Black Bottom was a neighborhood in Detroit where Black American men and women could own and operate successful businesses before the 1950s. Black Bottom was known for its authentic jazz and blues scene and delicious cuisine. Bert wanted to create an atmosphere that mirrored the excellence and success of that neighborhood and so Bert’s Entertainment Complex was born.


Bert’s is a fantastic venue for a wedding and reception and we wanted to showcase that. Taking on some of the sultry jazz roots we wanted to create a scene that embraced the history of the club, but also allow some new, edgy, geometrical inspiration. This style shoot is heavily textured with shapes, colors, and styles all pointing to musical undertones.


Below are a few of our favorites:



Photographer: Kara Missig | Attire: Detroit Bridal House | Earrings: El Dorado General Store | Floral Design: Blumz by JR | Venue Design: Modernly Events | Stationary: Cordial Punch Press | Hair and Make Up: Alexandra Hicks | Venue: Bert’s Warehouse

Models: Bride: Eboni Sawyer Bridesmaid: Alexandra Hicks Groom: Nathan Rockwell Flower Girl: Addy Horwitz

Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

The Ford Piquette Plant was built in 1904 as Ford Motor Companies first purpose-built factory, meaning it was built for the sole purpose of building Ford vehicles. The Piquette Plant is located in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood named for its railroad lines. The area was known as a hub of industry because of the swift and convenient railway transportation. In 1908 the Piquette Plant became the birthplace of the Model T, now it has been repurposed as a museum highlighting the great success of Ford Motor Company as well as a breathtaking event venue.

In late March a group of amazing Michigan based wedding creatives joined forces to create a beautiful bridal shoot showcasing the history and allure of the plant. The concept behind the was ballet in an effort to highlight the gorgeous handmade veils by KathrynAnn Bridal. Since the shoot was ballet themed it only seemed right to use all Pas de Deux gowns. Pas de Deux, literally meaning dance for two, is a bridal line that pulls its inspiration from ballet. The collection features delicate lace and light tulle as well as beautiful blush and dove gray hues. Here are some of our favorites from the shoot.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Oh, the joy of the bridesmaid’s dress. Who doesn't remember that iconic scene in 27 Dresses when all of Jane's friends are lined up at the altar in the awful gowns they had her wear in their weddings? Gone are the days of the unfortunate and uncomfortable bridesmaid dress. Who wants to stand in front of a gathering of your best friend’s extended family and friends feeling and looking as awkward as a kindergartner who forgot the words to her solo at the holiday concert? And no bride wants that for her best girls. Now are the days of the fabulous bridesmaid dress where everyone in the bridal party feels confident and fully ready to support their girl on one of the biggest days of her life.

Here are a few of our favorite trends for bridesmaids dresses: 

1. Women in White: We love the idea of all the women wearing white or ivory (ivory looks good on everyone) The whole squad is matching, but it is in such a chic way.

2. Mismatch, Match- In this trend, everyone is wearing the same dress, but some in print and some in solids. This is a fun way to mix it up and give your photos some variety.

3. Mix Up- Have all your bridesmaids wear whatever dress they want as long as it is all the same length and within the color scheme. This way everyone feels comfortable and can maybe show a little of their own personality.

4. Color Scheme Family- Everyone wearing colors that compliment each other, but different styles and different lengths. Gives a family photo kind of feel.

5. Same Color, Different Style- This trend is top of our list, maybe you have a color that you want everyone to wear, but some of your bridesmaids are bustier or bigger fans of the deep-v. With this trend, everyone can be uniform, yet comfortable and confident.

and the best part is that you can shorten it and wear it again!
— 27 Dresses